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We believe that the experience of a good trip is one of the things in life that most enriches people, so we put all our effort, taking care of even the smallest detail to ensure a perfect experience. An almost handcrafted work. We also think that when choosing an accommodation, location, comfort and safety play a fundamental role. MAC Travel Design is the culmination of a great project that began its journey in 2010 under the name of AMPHITRYON and that in 2018 and under the name of MAC Travel Design reaches its maturity.

With the baggage of all these years and the endorsement of our clients, we can say that we are consolidated as a reference in the sector of tailor-made tours in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Morocco. Our main value is the accumulated experience, supported by an extraordinary team, which works with the utmost dedication to ensure the success of the projects and challenges that we have had during this time and those that await us in the future.


Andrés Covarrubias de Soto. Founder and CEO of MAC Travel Design. Born in Madrid in 1977, graduated in Business Administration and Management, in 2010 he founded Amphitryon, predecessor of MAC Travel Design. Since then and until now he has been fully dedicated to discover, contrast and organize unique experiences and private tours in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Morocco.

"I am passionate about traveling, meeting people and cultures from all parts of the world and above all generating experiences that will last in the memory of people who visit Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Morocco and who are looking for authenticity, comfort and reliability in their trip."

INES def.jpg

Inés Monfort Gonzalez, Co-Fundadora de MAC Travel Design.

Nació en Gijón en 1986, licenciada en Marketing y Gestión Comercial.

Trabajó durante 7 años en una agencia de comunicación de lujo en Madrid. En el año 2017 decide unirse a MAC Travel Design para ofrecer experiencias exclusivas y auténticas en la organización de tours privados y a medida para particulares y empresas.

“Creo que una buena organización hace que el viaje sea inolvidable.  Soy muy perfeccionista, me gusta planear y organizar todo al detalle. Mi experiencia en eventos para marcas de lujo y mi pasión por viajar, hacen que ame este trabajo.”

MAC Travel en TVE

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